As a leading Tool Steel importer, supplier and exporter, HERO STAR SPECIAL STEEL CO., LTD. located in Tainan Taiwan is your best guide to top quality Tool Steel. Our warehouse in Taiwan provides a wide range of steel stocks and handles professional processing. Not only specializing in sourcing the finest Tool Steel from the world, we consistently review and adjust the workflow of the warehouse to best perform the role of steel wholesaler and distribute to suit your needs.



“In HERO STAR SPECIAL STEEL, our priority is to provide the best products, with top-line service which matches our clients’ needs the most!” - Mr. San Chi Wu, the founder

Hero Star Special Steel, a reliable importer, supplier and exporter in Taiwan Steel market for over 40 years. With its rich industry experiences and depth of dynamic team of experts, Hero Star Special Steel serves the market with top-quality steel and metal products with customized solution-oriented premium customer services.

At Hero Star Special Steel, we work with reputable world class mills overseas, such as Sanyo Special Steel in Japan, Hyundai Steel in Korea and many other well-known domestics to provide high standards steel products based on individual client’s needs. A wide range of services including processing, consulting and technical supports are rendered in providing comprehensive solutions to our customers from various industries specializing in machinery, molds, fasteners, equipment manufacturing.

Hero Star Special Steel treasures the long-term relationship with our global business partners. Our proactive response and the quality-driven beliefs has helped many partners both in Taiwan and overseas in their sustained business development, and we will continue serving their needs in the future.

Your best guide to Tool Steel. HERO STAR SPECIAL STEEL CO., LTD. with its warehouse in Taiwan is the leading

Tool Steel

exporter, supplier, wholesaler and distributor. The Tool Steel we supply are international standardized that meet the needs of various types of manufactures.