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Model - NAK80
Daido mirror steel
The patent steel - NAK80 of Japan Daido Steel Co., Ltd. is a pre-hardened plastic mold steel. Factory hardness can reach HRC37-43. It has good polishing performance and engraving, good electrical discharge processing. It is used in mirror polishing mold, anti-dust, TV filter, cosmetic box, precision wrinkle processing mold, office automation equipment, automobile Parts electric discharge machining mold, thickness less than 2MM thin plate, high efficiency blanking die, punching die and stamping die, various scissors, insert blades, woodworking blades, thread rolling die and wear-resistant slider, cold heading die, heat Solid resin molding die, deep drawing die, cold extrusion die.

Steel Grade C Si Mn Ni Mo Cu Al
NAK80 0.15 0.3 1.5 3 0.3 1 1

2.Equivalent steel:No
3.Heat treatment:N/A
4.Mechanical properties:
Yielding Strength (kgf/mm²) Tensile Strength (kgf/mm²) Elongation (%) Section reduction (%) Charpy Hardness (HRC)
103 128 15.6 39.8 3.5 36~45

5.Origin Place:Japan,China
999999999 USD 2020-12-31
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